Its time to hit the Road

Its time to start touring abd travelling again. Spring is here even though its been very wet. I have really enjoyed staying in one place for a few months and having a base. I have been on the road for 18 years now and maybe I am a bit weary of constantly moving. I shall […]

Getting Ready for my New Zealand Tour

Spring is coming and I have been busy sprucing the truck up, getting signage ready and just generally sorting things out ready for a busy time. In 4 weeks my journey will kick off in Whakatane and then meander down the east Coast. I am looking forward to getting some great shots with my camera. […]

Tiny House in Winter

No I dont seem to suffer from cabin fever in the winter as I still get outside whenever I have time.  There were some very heavy frosts recently. But the days were bright and beautiful. My logburner is in use a great deal and so worth the efdort. Dry heat and no condensation. And more […]

Its the Wet Season

There has been an amazing amount of rain lately and its looking pretty swampy. I really hope it dries out a bit before I next need to go to town. But its cozy and warm in my tiny house with the fire going. Having a power plugin keeps me working despite the lack of solar […]