Its the Wet Season

There has been an amazing amount of rain lately and its looking pretty swampy. I really hope it dries out a bit before I next need to go to town. But its cozy and warm in my tiny house with the fire going. Having a power plugin keeps me working despite the lack of solar […]

Time for Winter Maintenance

Touching up some paint as scratches happen. With work I work mostly online in winter as events are not so much fun to work at then. In September it will be time for another tour of New Zealand which will come around pretty fast. The neighbourhood in the evening Serafina enjoing the fire Home sweet […]

A welcome Home.

I have reached my winter park up. Where I stay until I feel the beach calling me. Having power is handy in winter especially as I work online. Its nice, every time I stop here the caretaker lady says “welcome home”. Of course I still go out in the truck to town and sometimes the […]

Winter time is for slowing down

Life has slowed down as the days shorten here in New Zealand.  Its still lovely but longer evenings mean more time to reflect, read and ponder. The shortest day is only weeks away and then slowly the daylight and energy grow again. The plants are a good indicator of new energy and let us know […]

Trip to and through Taupo

From fog to beauty it was an amazing trip today. The fog was not dense enough to make driving difficuilt. But it was amazing as it lifted just as I came over the hill and saw the lake. My more Spiritually orientated posts are now on my website blog page.Website Blog