Tarot Card for the week

​Tarot Card for the week

The Empress
A time when you will be very in tune with your intuition and full of wisdom. Also a time when you seem extra attractive (male or female) and are in a good place to attract what and who you wish to draw to you.

A time when things go well. Make sure everyone is not leaning on you more than they need to though. Self care is just as important.

A wonderful time for new connections with a lot of chemistry and to have some fun with romance. Surprise your partner with something loving. 

A good time for natural ways of nurturing your body. Listen to your body and give it what it needs.

Fertility is heightened as well for those wanting to conceive.

A time when your wisdom is very true and clear and can assist those whose lives you touch.

Also great for meditation to get really tuned in.
Have a wonderful week.


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