New Year, whats the plan?

I am reflecting after an interesting conversation with a guy I had never met before, I love these random encounters.

We both concluded that we had learnt a lot last year and my feeling is that its time to put all this learning to good use and use it to create and do what we are here to do. To create the extrordinary life we envision. 

To use what we learn by looking at what has or hasnt worked to correct our flight(life)path to bring our creation to life and to grow and to thrive.

It will be an exiting year.

I have physical vitality I want to improve to enable me to even more passionately walk my path and do my work and further to grow and refine my work which is my passion and my purpose. 

I love seeing people thrive and grow and create wonderful lives, thats what excites me and cranks my handle.

I hope you all have a fantastic New Year.


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