Tarot Card for the week

​Tarot Card for the week.


Many people dont like this card. But endings and beginnings are the cycles of life.

It indicates a time of change and letting go the old to be open to the new. It usually does not indicate physical death but the end of something we have outgrown.
Work: Time for a change, a raise and to stop doing that which no longer inspires you. It does not have to be sudden but can be a plan you are moving towards so you can do what you love, how you want to.

Either a relationship you have outgrown and need to release or time to inject some new energy into a relationship. Also to let go and forgive what is past.

Time to stop running in circles for health improvement and to stop and truly listen to your body and intuition.

Outmoded beliefs need to be let go of. Let go of anything which is false and embrace what is true for you.

It is time to be authentic and real and to love ourselves exactly as we are right now. 
My worldview at this time.

It is time for the illusions to be broken open and truths to be revealed and seen. Hiding things and manipulation of the masses is becoming more apparent on a global right down to a community and family level.

There will be a great many revelations and dishonesty is being brought to the surface.



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