What if?

Have you ever considered.

That you are perfect right now right here. That there is nothing you need to become or change that you can accept yourself completely how you are right now.

Yes you will grow and change thats a given but all the striving makes us reject parts of ourselves which can become splintered sould fragments and the best way to integrate and to become whole is to love it all. Every little thing and have the kind of compassion towards ourselves we would have towards someone we love.

If an unpleasant emotion or memory comes up, breathe into accept it and let it be. Try not to label it but to just watch the feeling with loving kindness towards yourself.

The incessant striving I see in this world of people trying to be perfect, yet what they seek they already have.

It needs to be claimed and owned and reintegrated into your being and as we walk our path we will realize that we came here not to become somone else but to be exactly who we are. When we are authentic and loving towards ourselves we do not have a need to hurt others or to change them but it is ok to honour ourselves to walk away from unhealthy behaviour and let people learn for themselves.


Love and Blessings





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