The law of Attraction versus Perfectionism

​The law of attraction and perfectionism.

I feel since spiritual people have learnt that they create. There has been a sense of self judgement which has become a big obstacle in the process of awakening.

People feel if they don’t have the perfect life, lots of money, the perfect relationship etc, there must be something wrong with them.

Its like the personality and ego and have jumped on board to add more pressure and judgement.
Its a journey and if you watch a young child create before they are indoctrinated into performance and perfectionism, they enjoy what they create. They also make a mess, break their creation or tip paint all over it.

No self judgement, no blame.
Try to create from a more playful, less judgemental part of yourself. Take the pressure of.

Your spiritual self does not judge you. Your sacred self plays with creation and has come here to experience this realm not to get to a finish line and beat up on


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