Winter ponderings

I have not posted much as I love uploading photos and the WP app well it just cant cope with that.

But I have a had a lot of time to meditate and reflect.

I have a sense of the energetic feeling of resistance to what is to thank for that.

Due to all the travelling I do, I end up in interesting environments . Like truck workshops, next to a train track and some interestingly  judgmental neighbours at times.

I don’t see anything threatening about my vehicle 🙂

But it has been very good for my growth.

I have breathed deeply into my resistance at these times and just purely experienced my response to the situation.

Ok doing my readings online next to a compressor and hydraulic tools is probably not what I prefer.

But it was an opportunity for growth. And letting go.

Letting things be as they are.

But yes I do get to spend a lot of time in beautiful places. 



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