Are animals psychic?

What are your experiences with pets? Or animals in general?

They often know when natural disasters are about to happen and seem to see what we don’t.

I had a dog years ago who always sat at the feet of an old man who was in spirit and tilted her head and listened. She also knew when my partner was coming home way before she could hear him.

I started thinking after having Onyx a cat who passed years ago come and visit the other night. My cat I have now didn’t like it but it was nice as this had not happened for a while. Onyx was a people “person” and was always having fun and playing and visiting and I know she came to remind me to have more fun.

My current companion Serafina senses when I am not well if my stomach hurts she wants to sit on it and purr and gets quite protective. She also senses when a client is upset and often sits with them if they have something difficult going on in their lives.

Sometimes when she is out exploring and its time for her to check in, I send her a telepathic message ” Please come and say hi” and she usually turns up within minutes.

Precognition– The sensing of danger before it happens.  For example animals have been documented to become anxious and frantic before natural disasters happen such as an earthquakes, avalanches, cyclones and volcanic eruptions.  It is suspected that animals can sense subtle vibrations and barometric pressure to help with these predictions.

Have a think about all the ways animals you know are psychic or telepathic.

I believe it’s because they have not shut this ability down and live much more in the moment.

Psychic Intuitive Franziskawp-1448953989824.jpeg




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