Focus- It matters

Im sorry I can not upload from my camera phone without it crashing and the app just does not work as it should. So my travel pics are a bit slow right now.1438754855864

But however.

I have pondered focus and actions.

Some people I have met believe if they sit on their couch the universe will bring them their dream job, partner or whatever they are after.

Sorry but you do need to do your part. Its about co creating with the universe or energy. You still need to do your part. Focus but dont obsess. Be 100% committed but dont try to control everything. Sometimes things will arrive in ways we have not imagined yet.

Focus and intent gets the ball rolling, or the energy moving in the direction you want, action gives it a push but the trick is then to let the momentum carry on without stifling the flow through over controlling.

Its all a matter of balance.


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