Gosh the world is really acting out its ego games.
Young people I meet are under huge pressure at 16 to know what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Some need to live a little in my opinion. How can they know when they have not ried much. Its like discovering the taste of a Strawberry by reading about it.
Also women who are clever, successful attractive and seem to be involved with psychopaths who manipulate, triangulate, play headgames and seem to have no conscience. These women are not silly but they believe in the good of people and can not reconcile themselves with that behaviour. People build bonds with those who traumatise them these are trauma bonds and can be mistaken to be love but its not.
Love is free and kind and does not manipulate.
This can happen to both sexes but as I see more women in my work than men I have seen it more in women.
I feel if we listen to our intuition and pay attention to our inner voice and let people young and old be who they are and develop we would live in a much happier world.


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